Yugioh 154 cards bulk collection 131 First Edition 23 Holos

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This Yugioh 154 cards bulk collection includes 131 First Edition cards and 23 Holos. The cards are moderately played, but still in great shape. The collection features a variety of card types such as Spell-Ritual, Tuner, Spell, Spell-Normal, Union, Trap-Continuous, Trap-Normal, Synchro, Trap-Counter, Pendulum, Toon, Ritual, Spell-Field, Trap, Flip, Normal, Spirit, Spell-Quick Play, Spell-Continuous, Xyz, Spell-Equip, Effect, Fusion, Link, and Gemini. The cards are all in English and come from the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG game. This collection is perfect for anyone looking to start or expand their Yugioh collection. The cards are lightly played condition.

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