Hiboy Titan G2 Pro Electric Scooter 800W 24V 12.5AH Adult Scooter 286lbs


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Introducing the Hiboy Titan G2 Pro Electric Scooter, perfect for adults who need a reliable and high-performance ride. This scooter comes with a powerful 800W motor and a 24V 12.5AH battery, ensuring long-lasting and efficient performance. The scooter also features off-road capabilities, making it perfect for any terrain.

The Hiboy Titan G2 Pro Electric Scooter is designed with a sleek black color and is suitable for riders aged 16 to 50 years old. It has a load capacity of 286 lbs and comes with a charge adapter, making it easy to charge. The scooter also has folding features, making it easy to store and transport. Get ready to ride with confidence and style with the Hiboy Titan G2 Pro Electric Scooter.

The battery is not charging. Charger states charged, display states low battery.

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