Y2k Back to school supply list

Y2K Back to school Supplies

Y2k Back to School Supply Must Haves

   The summer between 5th and 6th grade sticks out most to me in all my school years. That summer was the year 2000. The fashion and home decor that I had to have like the see through landline telephone and the tank tops under everything, roll on glitter and lips gloss and how could you forget the butterfly clips. Getting ready to go back to school that year was so exciting. We didn't have cell phones the internet. We had to call our friends landline or ride our bikes to their house. Internet was still dial up and all we wanted to do was get on AIM. Those times seem much simpler. I have compiled a list of some of the must have Y2k BTS (back to school) items that I hope brings you some nostalgia and practicality even today. 

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 1.Milky Gel Pens 

I wrote on my hands constantly. My mom would get so mad at me at the end of the day when I came home and had written all over my hands. These pens were the best. The colors, and the way that it would glide on paper, and on skin of course. These pens are my number one item for your BTS supply list! 

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Milky Gel Pen
2. Mr. Sketch Scented Markers 

Do you remember drawing a picture and the marker residue getting on your hands? You would go to recess and have the blue smear that smelt awful. Mr. Sketch has many different scents so the blue smears now can smell like blueberries and the orange smears smell like oranges! These markers are a must to complete any Y2K BTS list! 


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scented markers
3. Stackable Pencils 

Walking in front of the entire class to sharpen your pencil with the manual pencil sharpener was a big fear of mine. My confidence was low at that age! The grinding sound of the pencil was awful. These stackable pencils are the best! Need to sharpen it then just change the cartridge to a new sharpened one. Do not drop or lose the pieces because once one is lost it does not write the same.


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Stackable Pencil
4. Glitter Glue

There was a time where we would put white glue all over our hands, let it dry, then we would peel it off. Glitter glue was not only prettier but it was obviously more fun to use. The colors and the sparkles made using this glue feel better even if it was just to stick paper together. 

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Glitter Glue
5. Pencil Grips

You have your stackable pencil now all you need is a grip for all the writing. One page paper? No problem! Writing “I will not talk in class” 100 times? No problem. You don't want to have an impression on your finger so these grips are a must for school. Write in style and in comfort.


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Pencil Grips
6. 4 in 1 Pen

Can you push all the colors down at the same time? You can not. You will try though. These fun pens with multiple colors are a must. Need a blue ink pen? You have it! Need a red ink pen? You have it! Add this 4 in 1 pen to your BTS list. 


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4 in 1 Pen
7. Jansport BookBag

They are made with high quality materials, and they are very durable lasting all year. The price of these bags is in a very affordable price range making them accessible to more people. When I was in school you could have your name embroidered on your Jansport to let people know that it was yours. They come in all colors and styles really assisting your personality to shine. If taken care of properly these bags will last, many years to come. They are lightweight and easy to carry even with all your schoolbooks in them! They are a must have Y2K BTS item. 


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Jansport BookBag


8. Beaded Pets 

Every bookbag and set of keys had a beaded pet. The most iconic one being the Lizard. These are colorful and fun to make. You can make some and share them with your friends. They add a dash of personality to any bag or your house key. 

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Beaded Pet Kit
9. Trapper Keeper

The Iconic Trapper Keeper is the next item on my list of must haves. This is not only an item that was used during the 2000s, but it must have now. This item would hold my stackable pencils and my 4 in 1 pen. It would also hold all my kitty cat folders and my smiley face notebooks. The trapper keeper has many pockets and compartments to keep everything in an organized place. It allows easy access to all your essentials, and it assists you in starting organized and efficient.  


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Trapper Keeper
10. Lunch Bag

Our favorite time of the day besides recess was lunch! You had to have your favorite characters and designs on your bag. It was packed with some of our favorites like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and SpaghettiOs’s with meatballs in our canister. Another must have for your BTS list. 


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Lunch Bag
There was a lot going on in the Y2K years when it comes to going back to school and fashion. I hope these items bring back a little nostalgia and if you do decide to buy them, I hope you remember that you will be going back to school in Y2K style! Thank you for checking out my list of these must have items for Y2k BTS and if you have any questions or comments let me know! 
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